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Assembly line equipment

Plate inserting unit, gasket punching unit, cavity inserting unit, diaphragm inserting unit, automatic assembly unit, automatic alarm when material shortage, shutdown alarm when equipment fails, quantity prompt, automatic digital operation, menu-based intelligence Pages (auxiliary appliances and tooling for each unit), etc.
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Product parameter

Model: assembly line 60#
Specification: 1290mm*500*1350mm
Weight: about 150KG
Hardware accessories: Misumi, Shanghai Silver, NSK, NMB, environmentally friendly precision hardware accessories
Electronic accessories: Omron, Mitsubishi, Chuangyou Tiger, Chint
Power: 400W
Air pressure: 0.6MPA
Pneumatic accessories: Airtac, Xingchen, SMC
Failure rate: non-raw material failure rate is less than 0.8%
Product accuracy: +/-0.015
Adapted material: 60# series products, copper shell and aluminum shell can be used in general
Material loss rate: ≤0.2%
Maintenance interval: ≥ one month
Consumables: Red needle, relay (1.5 million pcs replacement)
Manpower required: ≤1 person/set
Production efficiency: 10Kpcs/H-10.3Kpcs/H
Working environment: the ground is flat and firm, dry, no direct sunlight
Placement space: 3.5M-2M
Function: Plate inserting unit, gasket punching unit, cavity inserting unit, diaphragm inserting unit, automatic assembly unit, automatic alarm when material shortage,
When the equipment fails, it will stop and alarm, prompt the quantity, automatic digital operation, menu-style intelligent page (each unit auxiliary equipment, tooling), etc.
To Warranty period: The warranty period of the whole equipment is 1 year from the acceptance of the equipment. During this period, the equipment is damaged (including processed parts and electrical parts), and the manufacturer provides maintenance, repair or replacement parts for free.

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